1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe has arrived!

Chris and John always have their eyes peeled for classic cars — a flash of chrome here, the curve of a fender there, peeking out from a deserted garage, stranded in a farmer’s field or hidden in Boise’s suburbia. Once such recent find was a 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe. And what a find it was!

A true piece of history, this vehicle might well be a mob car from the ’40s with stories to tell. It has bonafied bullet holes on the driver-side door, a black shiny patina, and (once upon a time) plush interior seating. I can just imagine a bunch of mob bosses ruling the neighborhood from within the cushy confines of this luxury vehicle.

Or course, it not a luxury vehicle today. It’s showing its age, but mostly on the inside, where years of being in the sun is obvious in the condition of the upholstery.  But that is all fixable. The exterior does have some surface rust, but a lot of black paint is in good condition. If you like the look of an aged patina, like many resto-rods rat rods are exhibiting these days, this is a perfect start. The body is pretty straight, with only a few dents and scratches, and most of the chrome is still in tact. The details are pretty amazing — the hood ornament and trunk light ornament are nice art-deco touches of a renaissance ship, mast and all.

When Plymouth started making cars again after the war, this was its first model and the Special Deluxe was the top-of-the-line option. And, amazingly enough, the car even features a push-start ignition, something not widely embraced in cars for another decade. Today it’s considered a high-tech feature, but it’s been around for almost 70 years.

This car is prime for a restoration project. The engine and tranny are gone, making in a blank canvas for the setup you want.

See more photos at our listing at ClassicCars.com and call Chris at (208) 908-1366 if you want to take a look in person.

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