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When is it time to get brakes and rotors checked or fixed?

Many people have asked us about when to check brakes and rotors.  The answer is NOW! Contrary to popular belief, don’t wait until you hear sounds.

We recently had a car come in for a quick brake job.  They claimed that they were not having any brake noise but that it was very difficult to stop.  When we took off the rear wheels we found some very destroyed rotors.  Here are the photos we took of this cars brakes and rotors.

Boise Brakes and Rotors at The Shop

You can see the brake pads (sitting on the rotor) are completely gone.

Boise Brakes and Rotors at The Shop

Normally the rotor is about a half-inch thick on both sides of the cooling fins. Here you can see one side of the rotor had been totally worn off and started to wear into the cooling fins. NOT GOOD!

At The Shop we want everyone to have the safest, most reliable car possible.  We offer free brake and rotor inspections.  If you have any questions or concerns about your brake system give us a call or stop by The Shop today.