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Shop Class: Month 2

May’s Shop Class was a great continuation of the important information you need to know about your car, in particular the sounds your car makes and what they mean.

Attendees at the May Shop Class

Thank you to all who attend our May Shop Class: From left, Lindsie Bergevin, Wendy Shentu, Amy Taylor, Jessica Swain, Misty DiPietro, Pamela Hallenberger with her daughters Leanora and Cordelia, and instructor Chris Bergevin. The other instructor, Travis Jenkins, was the photographer.

We learned about how to listen to your car — to pay attention to how your car normally sounds and how to notice when there is something out of the ordinary.

When discussing sounds with your mechanic, you should describe the pitch, longevity or frequency and the volume. That will help your mechanic narrow down where and what part of the car the sound is coming from, and can greatly help in determining the cause of the problem.

A couple of other tips taught during the May Shop Class:

  • A blaring radio is the most dangerous sound your car can make, as it will cover up other sounds that are important for you to pay attention to.
  • A vehicle has close to 34,000 moving parts and with all of that metal working together, grease and oil are important to keeping the parts moving smoothly and quietly. This is why it is important that you ask if your mechanic can check your car’s grease zerts when you get a tune up or oil change.
  • Dashboard lights are another way your car communicates with you. Read your car’s manual and become familiar with what each of them mean and what you may need to respond to.

A big thanks to all of the ladies that came to the May Shop Class! We hope to see you next month!